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movies & tv

Lotsa links to movie and tv pages, plus my Artsy Fartsy Movie Page.


Me: "Hi, my name is Brian and I have a music addiction"
Rest of group: "Hi, Brian!"

food & drink

Dallas area restaurants, sushi, Buffalo wings, wine, beer, and more...


Jeeps, my dream car, inline skates, plus several great car sites.



Stuff I put together when I lived in Texas.

fun & games

Bridge, Talisman, Dilbert, and other generally goofy sites.

A user's manual for Brian

weird links

Proof positive that the Internet can be a bizarre place to live...

Well, I finally got so embarrassed of my old antiquated home page that I broke down and revamped it. This is only an interim step as I have plans for much spiffier pages later on. Any comments appreciated! -- brian
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