Duran Duran Vinyl for Sale!

 The below records range from good to near mint condition.  Next to each
 is what I consider the minimum bid I would take for that record.  Shipping
 is not included in the below prices, and will depend on how many records
 you buy.  I'll give free shipping (USA) to anyone ordering 5 or more 

 I will take the best offer by Aug 21st.  Please email your offers to
 me at brianb@mooman.com  I'll keep the list updated and notify everyone of

 BID     Title                                                   Catalog#
 ______  ____________________________________________________    ________
 10 min  New Moon On Monday/Tiger Tiger                          12DURAN1
 10 min  The Wild Boys (Wilder Than Wild Boys mix)/              12DURAN3
                 The Wild Boys (45 Mix), Cracks In The Pavement
 10 min  Planet Earth (Night Version)/Planet Earth, Late Bar     12EMI5137
 10 min  Careless Memories/Fame, Khanada                         12EMI5168
 10 min  Girls On Film (Night Version)/Girls on Film,            12EMI5206
                 Faster Than Light
 10 min  My Own Way (Night Version)/Like An Angel,               12EMI5254
                 My Own Way (Short Version)
 10 min  Rio (Part 2)/Rio (Part1), My Own Way                    12EMI5346
 7 min   Is There Something I Should Know (Monster Mix)/         Capital V-8551
                 Faith In This Color
 7 min   The Reflex (The Dance Mix)                              Capital V-8587
 7 min   Notorious (Extended Mix)/Notorious (45 Mix),            Capital V-15264
                 Winter Marches On
 7 min   Skin Trade (Stretch Mix)/We Need You                    Capital V-15274
 7 min   The Presidential Suite: Meet El Presidente(extended)    Capital V-15294
                 Meet El Beat, Meet El Presidente, Vertigo
 7 min   I Don't Want Your Love (Big Mix)                        Capital V-15417
 7 min   All She Wants Is (US Mastermix/ Eurohouse Mix)          Capital V-15434
 7 min   Do You Believe In Shame (Krush Brothers, LSD edit)/     Capital V-15456
                 Notorious (Live), Drug
 10 min  Burning The Ground/ Decadance                           Capital V-15546

Very rare!:
 20 min  Tiger! Tiger! Disco Mixes (Japanese):                   EMS-50142
                 The Reflex (Dance Mix)
                 Union Of The Snake (The Monkey Mix)
                 New Moon On Monday
                 Is There Something I Should Know (Monster Mix)
                 Tiger Tiger
                 -plus- original insert with lyrics in Japanese

 10 min  Election Day (The Consensus Mix)/Election Day,    Parlophone 12NSR1
                 She's Moody and Grey; She's Mean and She's Restless

Power Station:
 7 min   Some Like It Hot and The Heat Is On/                    Capital V-8631
                 Some Like It Hot (7" Mix), The Heat Is On
 7 min   Get It On (12" Mix)/ Get It On (45 Mix), Go To Zero     Capital V-8646

 I have other non-Duran Duran vinyl I might part with... email me with requests.