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Hola there! My name is Brian Bloom, aka "moo-man". I know this smacks of those early homepages that people first stuck out on the web, but some folks are genuinely curious about the faces behind the pages, so who am I to rock the boat? ;)
People sometimes wonder where the "moo-man" comes from, so I've created this page that should explain it nicely.
My father has done lots of genealogy work on the Bloom family tree (over 10,000 relatives and still counting!). If you're into genealogy or want to share any lineage information with him, send my dad some e-mail. He'd love to hear from you. Note that that's not *my* e-mail address... mine is brianb@mooman.com
I also wanted a chance to share my opinion on How The World Should Be (tm) so I have a soapbox page where I get to rant and rave. Be warned, my opinions may offend your opinions. Plus the page is kinda long [27K], so be patient.
This is also the chance for me to let you know that I run a general purpose Internet service called Mooman Webworks that does training, computer installation and configuration, and of course, web pages. Please let me know if you need any Internet or computer work done!

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