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I'm your run-of-the-mill closet movie critic. A while back I started making a list of the foreign, "off-Hollywood", or art films that I had seen. Some of my friends commented that it would be much more helpful if Iwould also give my thoughts on them, so I did. What came from that is Brian's Artsy-Fartsy Movie List
In it, I briefly review every artsy or foreign film that I've ever seen. It's a blurry line as far as what qualifies, so you might wonder why some movies were left off, but others included. Well, it's kind of arbitrary. I tried to picture if it was a movie that you and eight of your friends would likely rent on a Friday night. If not, it went on the list.
I've included some links to other pages that might interest movie buffs, if you haven't already run across these:
  • The Internet Movie Database - The master database of every movie and TV show you could think of.
  • Complete Film Listings - The inside scoop on all the upcoming or rumored movies
  • MovieLink (777-FILM) - has showtimes for most major cities in the USA.
  • RARE - Gives suggestions for movies and TV shows based on your tastes. I've entered most of the movies I've seen into it, so you can simulate my recommendations for movies!
  • Stupid Computer Tricks - I'm a real stickler for believability in movies. This page is a gripe list of bogus computer scenes in movie. A treat for picky people like me.
  • Mr. Cranky Rates the Movies - If you think I'm tough on movies, check out this page!

I don't watch much TV these days, but there are a couple of programs I try not to miss. I've listed some web pages for them here:
The X-Files - Best spooky show since Twin Peaks.
Bill Nye the Science Guy - Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!
Strange Luck - A fantastic show that FOX seems to have cancelled.
Twin Peaks - The coolest mindwarper ever to appear on television! It's been gone for a long time but was my favorite since it was such a whacked show.

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