Moo-man's Weird Links page

This is just sort of a catchall page where I've put all the unusual links that really didn't fit anywhere else. These are prime examples of some of the weirdness and eclecticism that runs amok out on the 'net.

These are guaranteed to be in no order whatsoever:
Igniting Pop-Tarts, a scientific study of toaster pastries
AGD Mayhem pages, lotsa guys blowing up things.
Hallucinet, an avant garde media 'zine
Death News, a macabre site that is self-explanatory (and rather graphic)
Psychic Chicken Network. Who needs Nancy Reagan?
Flake World, probably the most comprehensive cereal site yet
Mystic 8-ball, just like you had years ago...
Mystic 9-ball, if you didn't like the answer from the 8-ball.
Happy Fun Ball, More fun than food poisoning!
Netscape's scrolling sign, tell them what you really think!
Lip Balm Anonymous, for that nasty Chapstik addiction
Compendium of Drunken words, most of which you probably haven't heard...
Truism, another eclectic media experience
Find the Spam, test your reconnaissance skills
Spam Cam, analyzing the decomposition of Spam.
The Barney Fun Page, Vent some stress with the purple dinosaur!
Wizard of Oz with Dark Side of the Moon, an alternate soundtrack theory
How to tie a tie, instructions in case you have forgotten how
The Geek Code, for succinctly describing your geekiness to others
The Jargon List, for geek speak and programmer slang
News of the Day in haiku!

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